The SEG Foundation encourages and supports scientific, educational, and charitable activities of benefit to geophysicists. Activities supported by contributions to the SEG Foundation are intended to supplement those supported by SEG’s operating budget.

Our Work

In each of the program areas – Experiential Learning, Social Impact, Professional Development, and Student Support – we aim to inspire and empower individuals to use geophysics in ways that will help the global community.


Advancing the Science

Experiential Learning


The SEG EVOLVE program is a passing of practical knowledge to the next generation by using experiential learning to find the best investment opportunity. SEG EVOLVE fosters collaboration and global participation and consists of open-ended exercises that have no prepared answers. Project management, teamwork skills, and business values are honed within the context of exploration, reservoir appraisal, field development planning, and production enhancement scenarios. View program page or donate now.

Field Camps

The Field Camps program was established in 1993 to provide seed money for geophysics faculty and SEG student chapters to create and support field courses that provide students with hands-on experience in data collection and analysis using geophysical instruments and software applications. View program page or donate now.

“Hands-On Experience”

“In the field, students and young professionals experience situations they would not encounter in the classroom and have the opportunity to integrate multiple geophysical methods to solve problems. Field camps help students develop a better understanding of theory, a feel for the practical application of geophysics, and an appreciation for working as a team.”

Kennedy Doro, 2019 Field Camp participant

Professional Development

Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC)

DISC is an eight-hour, one-day short course on a topic of current and widespread interest. The DISC instructor is a nominated, prestigious, world-class instructor, lecturing globally and also recorded for online viewing. The DISC program continues to be a long-standing, high-level SEG resource. View program page.

Distinguished Lectures (DL)

The DL program honors and recognizes outstanding individuals for their contributions and advancements to the fields of geophysics and geology. Each year, two lectures are selected and tour internationally presenting topics of global interest. In addition to recognizing these individuals’ contributions, the role of a Distinguished Lecture is also to promote geophysics, stimulate general scientific and professional interest, expand technical horizons, and provide a connection to SEG activities and practices. View program page or donate now.

Honorary Lectures (HL)

Each year, up to six lectures transfer knowledge to major regions of the globe. The regional focus strengthens services SEG provides to an expanding global membership. The six regions typically include Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, Pacific South, and South and East Asia. In addition, a Near Surface lecturer also delivers two virtual lectures each year. Lectures may be given in English or a language appropriate for the region. View program page or donate now.

SEG on Demand

The SEG Continuing Education Committee works to provide a curriculum of high-quality professional courses to the exploration-geophysics community. To ensure that the current needs and standards of the community are met, it is essential to exercise constant control on the curriculum of offered topics and the way the courses are given. View program page.

“Relevant and Compelling”

“The Distinguished Lecture presentations are by far the best and the most attended. The content is relevant and compelling, and the presenters are very well-respected yet approachable individuals. People always want to stay longer to personally meet the SEG Distinguished Lecturer.”

Matt Sexton, PhD. student at the University of Houston

Growing the Social Impact

Social Impact

Geoscientists without Borders® (GWB)

GWB provides a significant opportunity for SEG and its membership to make a humanitarian contribution around the globe. The program supports geoscience projects that seek to solve problems of human need around the world. View program page or donate now.

“Inspiring Positive Change”

“This type of program [GWB] is essential and not only inspires all types of positive change in local communities but also transforms the way we think about our research and what is relevant in today’s world. These projects seek to be sustainable and have a lasting impact both in education and research.” 

Dr. Patricia Persaud, Myanmar GWB project lead

Supporting the Scientist

Student Support


Since its inception in 1956, the SEG Scholarships program has been helping to advance the field of applied geophysics by encouraging students who excel in geosciences. From freshmen just beginning their education to PhD students doing research to advance the field, SEG scholarship awardees are recipients of the most prestigious geoscience scholarships in the world. To date, more than US$11 million in scholarship funding has been awarded, based on merit, to the top geoscience students around the world. View program page or donate now.

Travel Grants

Students and recent graduates interested in participating in SEG-sponsored student programs are encouraged to apply for SEG travel and registration grant assistance. Traditional travel grants are intended to cover the expenses for travel, lodging, and registration to SEG workshops and conferences. Student registration grants cover either a portion or all the registration costs for specific meetings. View program page or donate now.

Challenge Bowls

The SEG Challenge Bowl competition is a unique event that combines knowledge, competition, and fun. This international contest tests students’ breadth and depth of knowledge about the field of geoscience. Contestants try to push the buzzer first to answer challenging geoscience questions on topics including geology, geophysics, geography, and geodesy. Questions about the history of the science and the Society are also featured. View program page or donate now.

Near Surface Geophysical Research Award

The SEG Near Surface Geophysical Research Award is intended to provide a research grant(s) in support of an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing, enrolled in a relevant academic program at an accredited institution, and engaged in near-surface geophysics research. The award is further intended to offset expenses directly related to the awardee’s near-surface geophysics research, including field data acquisition, laboratory studies, specialized computer software, or other general activities. View program page or donate now.

“Investing in the Future”

“I really appreciate SEG for believing in me enough to fund such an incredible experience. It shows that the Society supports the upcoming generation of geoscientists, and that it is truly investing in the future of the field. As the current generation paves the way with modern discoveries and innovations, the baton will eventually have to be passed to the next generation, and we are eager to receive it!”

Edith Sotelo, 2018 SEG Annual Meeting travel grant recipient