SEG offers several types of individual memberships as well as corporate memberships. Individual membership levels are based on education and experience.

Each of the various SEG membership types is designed to help members participate in the Society based on their level of education, experience, and industry engagement. Our easiest point of entry is the Junior Membership, designed to foster a burgeoning interest in the geosciences among today’s youth. Our most advanced members enjoy a status of Active Membership allowing them voting privileges and the ability to serve in various leadership roles.


Membership Dues Structure

SEG uses a three-tiered dues structure to calculate SEG membership fees based on the country classifications of the World Bank. Country classifications are based on gross national income per capita. These classifications are as follows: high-income economies (group IV), upper-middle income economies (group III), and low-income/lower-middle economies (groups I and II). Membership dues are based on citizenship or primary work residence; the assessed dues will be whichever rate is higher.

Dues ScheduleGroup IV CountriesGroup III CountriesGroup I & II Countries

*Includes TLE in print version
**Electronic access only to The Leading Edge and GEOPHYSICS (1936–1999)
***To confirm eligibility and process an upgrade for Emeritus Membership contact [email protected]

Active Membership

Professionals with eight years of educational* and/or full- time professional experience reflecting professional maturity in geophysics or a related field may apply for Active Membership with SEG.

Active SEG members are entitled to these rights and privileges:

  • Be elected as officers
  • Vote in elections
  • Petition the Council or Executive Committee
  • Publish affiliation with the Society

* Experience equivalency for the highest educational degree earned:
4 years–Bachelor’s Degree
5 years–Master’s Degree
7 years–Doctorate

Please note: The Society of Exploration Geophysicists is incorporated in the United States of America and must abide by all laws regarding sanctions. For information regarding membership for citizens of U.S. sanctioned countries, refer to the Policy and Procedures Manual.

Special Active Membership Status

SEG further recognizes active members who provide distinguished service and dedication to the Society and the science of geophysics during their tenure in the following ways:

Honorary Membership

Awarded by the Committee on Honors and Awards and the Board of Directors. This award recognizes individuals who have made a distinguished contribution, which warrants exceptional recognition, to exploration geophysics or a related field, or to the advancement of the profession of exploration geophysics through service to SEG.

Life Awarded Membership

Awarded by the Committee on Honors and Awards and the Board of Directors. This award recognizes individuals who have voluntarily rendered exceptionally meritorious service to SEG.

Life Paid Membership

An Active Member in good standing may purchase a one-time lifetime membership. Once the cost of the membership has been paid in full, the member will never be responsible for any increase in dues. Life-paid members will enjoy the same privileges as Active Members and are authorized to upgrade to Emeritus Membership when eligible. Purchase the member type by contacting [email protected].

Emeritus Membership

An Active Member in good standing may become an Emeritus Member at 65 years of age, if the member has been an Active or Associate Member for a total of 30 years, including time spent in military service. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to waive the age and years of membership requirements for transfer to Emeritus Membership in case of an unusual circumstance. Request an upgrade by contacting [email protected]

Honorary, Life, and Emeritus members shall enjoy all privileges of the Society. They shall be eligible to hold office, to vote on all matters submitted to the membership, to petition the Council or Executive Committee on any matter, and to publish their affiliation with the Society.

Associate Memberships

Anyone with an interest in geophysics may apply for Associate Membership with SEG.

Associate Members are entitled to attend Society meetings, to receive its journals, and to purchase its publications.

Transfer from Associate to Active Membership is handled in the same manner as election to Active Membership. Members wishing to transfer must complete an Active Membership application. An Associate Member cannot transfer to a Student Membership mid-cycle. This request must be made during the renewal phase of the membership, nine months after the cycle start day.

Student Memberships

SEG provides geoscience students with the services and tools they need for a successful academic and professional career.

SEG Student Members receive these special benefits:

  • Online access to The Leading Edge Digital Edition and access to the SEG Library
  • Minimal admission fee to IMAGE (formerly SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting)
  • SEG scholarship opportunities
  • Student discounts on continuing education courses, workshops and on books purchased in the SEG Shop
  • Student Chapters
  • Upon graduation, Student Members are eligible for FREE Associate Membership dues for the first year following graduation
  • And most of all, through association with fellow SEG Members, students enjoy the benefit of developing professional contact and industry ties, increasing opportunities in networking, and guidance in career planning/development

Requirements for Student Membership:

  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing at a recognized university
  • The sponsorship or reference of a faculty member/professor

Junior Memberships

Junior Membership is a career exploration program intended to encourage pre-university students who have demonstrated an interest in earth sciences to consider and actively pursue a career in geosciences, particularly in geophysics.

Junior Members are entitled to attend meetings of the Society under appropriate supervision, to purchase its publications on the same terms as Student Members, and to have electronic access to SEG’s services, products, and journals.

For more information or to apply for Junior Membership, contact Member Engagement or call +1.918.497.5551.

Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships enjoy the benefits listed below. 

  • Listing on SEG website’s exclusive Corporate Members page, including a link to your corporation’s site
  • Listing in the IMAGE official program
  • Special recognition at the IMAGE Meeting
  • Right to publish affiliation with SEG and use of SEG corporate logo