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With a commitment to editorial excellence and in-depth coverage of the changes, trends, and technologies shaping the geophysics industry, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) portfolio of publications and books provides key information and resources for geoscience professionals around the world.

Subscriptions for Individuals

SEG members receive online access to The Leading Edge (TLE), GEOPHYSICS (1936–1999), and papers from meetings as benefits of membership. TLE access includes article-by-article reading in the SEG Library, plus the TLE Digital Edition, a cover-to-cover version of the monthly publication.

Subscriptions to GEOPHYSICS (2000–present), Interpretation (2013–present), and the Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG) may be added at a special member price. Subscription opportunities for members are viewable at the bottom of the Membership Benefits page.

Subscriptions for Institutions

With an institutional subscription to the SEG Library, your organization gains access to cutting-edge research, industry-leading case studies, and invaluable insights from renowned geophysicists worldwide. Join our subscriber community to equip your institution with the resources to pioneer groundbreaking solutions, advance scientific knowledge, and accelerate the field of geophysics to new frontiers.


The Leading Edge

The Leading Edge (TLE) introduces new geophysical theory, instrumentation, and established practices to scientists in a range of geoscience disciplines.


SEG publishes a wide variety of books in several series, ranging from comprehensive treatments of mature subjects, to discussion of leading-edge technologies, to definitive reference volumes.