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The Mission of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Continuing Education Program is to provide educational resources to our global membership and to others interested in geophysics. SEG continually seeks to develop new course offerings for our membership in various formats, and we encourage members with specific areas of geophysical expertise as well as recognized industry experts to collaborate with us in developing courses that stimulate professional interest and career development.


Educational programs can be geared toward both theoretical and applied geophysics and should be designed to expand the technical horizons of the practicing geophysicist. Ideally, new programs should:

  • Provide training in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Provide advanced curriculum topics in geophysical techniques
  • Increase networking opportunities and interaction between participants and experts
  • Support accepted practices

Courses can be offered in numerous formats, ranging from virtual courses and lectures, to lectures and short courses (three-four hours in length) at brick-and-mortar settings. Some education offerings and courses may be offered in conjunction with various SEG sponsored workshops and meetings.

New Course Proposal and Development Process

Members are encouraged to submit a New Course Proposal Form (PDF) to the Committee. If you are interested in teaching for SEG, please send the SEG New Course Proposal form with a brief course description and biography to SEG Continuing Education. Instructors are compensated for course instruction days and are reimbursed for travel, hotel accommodations, and meals.

SEG’s Continuing Education Committee reviews and approves courses, discusses topics of interest to develop courses, and provides input to the SEG Board on the education needs of membership.

Course Formats

SEG allows a variety of course formats for both public, eLearning, and in-house offerings. When submitting a proposal, please be sure to let us know which of these formats you prefer.

Training Courses

Training courses are courses that are either one or two days in length. They are primarily lecture content, but can also include some class exercises to illustrate various course topics or processes.

In-House Training

Instructors can concentrate on topics, data, or areas of specialist interest to employees in a corporate setting, making the information immediately applicable. Most courses are structured so that companies may select the length of the course ranging from two to five days.

SEG on Demand

The interest in SEG Virtual Courses continues to grow. We continually search for new presenters and new topics!

  • Teach a Virtual Course (a webinar delivered online on a specific date and time)
  • Serve as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to develop a single or multi-lesson eLearning course (an interactive online course that students can take anytime)
  • Record a lecture (typically 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration)

The virtual course format offers instructors the advantage of presenting from their home or work computer. Keep in mind that topics should be relevant to SEG. The standard virtual course duration is approximately 90 minutes and presentation decks usually contain approximately 45-90 slides.

Virtual Course Instructors Share Their Experiences

“My virtual course experience was very rewarding. The format requires careful planning, but the support from SEG is first class, so I think I learned more than my course participants!”

Andrew Long

“I had a very positive and fun experience doing a virtual course presentation for SEG. My presentation was carefully reviewed and the comments received during the dry run were excellent.”

William Harbert

“I have enjoyed giving both virtual courses. Both courses motivated me to create simple and clear presentations that I still use today. I also got great feedback in dry runs, during the course as well as after the course.”

Leo Eisner

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