Supporting the humanitarian applications of geoscience around the world. Geoscientists without Borders® (GWB) serves as a catalyst by bringing capable scientists together with communities in need to solve their challenges.

The program funds these projects, which assists geoscientists and their teams in collaborating with multidisciplinary and community-based partners. The project team collects, processes, and interprets data to provide solutions and resources that result in a sustainable humanitarian benefit to the community.

Making a Difference

Geoscientists have the tools necessary to effect positive change in communities coping with environmental hardships and natural hazards. The humanitarian efforts of geoscientists, who offer their specialized knowledge and technical skills to those in need facing severe potable water shortages or disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, landslide, and volcanoes benefit communities in various locations globally.


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GWB Mission

Support humanitarian application of geoscience knowledge and technology around the world.

Fund projects that benefit communities in need facing environmental hardship and natural hazards due to resource shortages, and natural and man-made disasters.


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“Geophysics humanitarian work provides a unique opportunity to enable others to help their communities and allow for multinational connections to form. It is important to continue this work and build these connections to share our knowledge and contribute to educational growth around the world.”

Cullen Young PhD Student, Mines Geophysics – GWB Benin project team member


Provide funding to support projects that will benefit communities in need, where applying geoscience is critical to improving poor environments and living conditions, or where dangerous settings and hazards can be mitigated or reduced.

Strengthen the global geoscience community through beneficial multidisciplinary partnerships and cooperation with other organizations such as those active in engineering, geosciences, and technology as well as various other science and humanitarian disciplines.

Encourage students and introduce them to the broad range of geosciences careers while also strengthening university programs in geophysics and the geosciences, especially at or close to the project locations.

Ideal Projects

Based on GWB’s recently funded proposals and the criteria that led to their selection, we provide a guide that lists the attributes of an ‘ideal’ GWB project for our future applicants’ reference.

“We are grateful to SEG Foundation and SEG for supporting this GWB project that will provide the students and faculty of our university with the state of art Electrical Resistivity (ER) equipment, software, and training to explore sustainable water resources not only at the two surveyed villages but also at many other villages in the western desert of Egypt. Locating groundwater aquifers will help secure clean drinking water for the villagers and boost their region’s economy.”

Egypt OSU’s project partners in Egypt

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