Geophysics is ever evolving. These programs address humanitarian issues, introduce new applications, and create multidisciplinary teams to deal with the changing landscape.

Geoscientists without Borders®

Geoscientists have the tools necessary to effect positive change in communities coping with environmental hardships and natural hazards. Many places around the globe facing severe water shortages, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other hazards have benefited from the humanitarian efforts of geoscientists who have offered their specialized knowledge and technical skills to those in need.

Support humanitarian application of geoscience knowledge and technology around the world.


After a successful pilot in 2020, SEG is continuing the SEG EVOLVE Professional program for oil and service company employees.

SEG EVOLVE Professional will use the same datasets and training processes as the Student EVOLVE Program over a five-month period with participants spending about 25% of their work time in Near-Surface Geophysics.

SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section

SEG seeks to advance and promote the rigorous science, technology, and professional practice of applied near-surface geophysics.

Near-surface applications are increasing in number and societal value. Sharing and communication of theoretical advances, technology developments, and best practices are essential for the advancement and effective application of geophysics.


Geoscientists without Borders®

Geoscientists without Borders® serves as a catalyst bringing capable scientists together with communities to solve their problems. The program provides funding for these projects and assists geoscientists and their teams in collaborating with multidisciplinary and community-based partners.