Students and recent graduates have an opportunity to learn leading-edge geophysical knowledge, meet potential and prospective employers, visit with individuals who are living the excitement of their chosen profession, and catch a glimpse of all the industry has to offer while attending an SEG-sponsored meeting.

SEG/SEG Foundation Technical Program Registration Grants

The Technical Program Registration Grants are for students and recent graduates presenting papers at the 2024 IMAGE event. The grant will cover the registration fee for those attending in-person. Depending on funds availability other travel related expenses may be covered. Students with approved abstracts will receive an email invitation to apply for the grant. Grant applications will be open from 23 May–21 June 2024.

Applicant Eligibility

  1. Have a paper selected for the SEG Technical Program
  2. The applicant must be a student with an active SEG Membership
  3. The applicant must be pursuing a degree in geosciences
  4. The applicant must have above average grades
  5. The applicant must be in compliance with the SEG Student and Early Career and OFAC sanctions compliance procedures and policies

How to Apply

All applicants are required to submit the following documentation:

  1. A copy of abstract approval notice.
  2. Three essay questions, 100-1,000 words each, explaining the applicant’s motivation for pursuing the opportunity and their qualifications and preparation for the program.
  3. Academic transcripts for the most recent three years of the applicant’s university study. (Graduate students will need to provide their undergraduate transcripts).

Submitting plagiarized or falsified information in any Technical Program Registration Grant application is grounds for rejection of the application, withdrawal of any offer of acceptance, cancellation of enrollment, dismissal, or other appropriate disciplinary action.


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