With the help of industry sponsors and affiliated societies, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) selects industry experts each year to travel the globe offering lectures on the hottest geophysical techniques and topics. Lecturers typically speak for 45 minutes to one hour and offer a variety of locations and dates.

SEG Distinguished Lecture Program

Selection as a Distinguished Lecturer is viewed as a major honor and recognition of excellence by the SEG.

In addition to recognizing an individual’s contributions to the science or application of geophysics, this position is an active effort to promote geophysics, stimulate general scientific and professional interest, expand technical horizons, and provide a connection to SEG activities and practices.

How Does the Thin Near Surface of the Earth Produce up to 100 Times More Noise on Land Seismic Data than on Marine Data?

Christof Stork
2024 SEG Distinguished Lecture
Lecturing May–June

SEG Honorary Lecture Program – 2024 Honorary Lectures

The Honorary Lecture Program sponsors up to six lecturers each year, available on location in major regions around the globe or online.

Seismic Acquisition and the Energy Transition

Tim Dean
2024 Pacific South Lecturer
Lecturing April–June

Unconventional Borehole Seismic Techniques

Eduardo Corti
2024 Latin America Lecturer
Lecturing March–May
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Scientific machine learning in geophysical exploration and monitoring

Umair bin Waheed
2023 Middle East Honorary Lecturer
Lecturing November–March
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The Role of Geohazards Assessment in the Evolving Energy Mix

Agatha Onuwaje
2023 North America Honorary Lecturer
Lecturing September–December
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Global Sustainability Lecturers

Supported by Baker Hughes

Presents on current SEG initiatives that directly connect to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), specifically the humanitarian work achieved by Geoscientists without Borders (GWB) program.

Responding to the global water crisis: A strategy for improving water supply

Paul Bauman
2022 SEG Global Sustainability Lecture
Lecturing June-December
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Near Surface Global Lecturers

The Virtual Near Surface Global lecturer, formerly the Near Surface Honorary Lecturer, provides online lectures on topics in near-surface geophysics.

Geophysics for Discovering New Horizons in Critical Zone Science

Kamini Sigha
2024 Near Surface Global Lecturer
Lecturing September–November


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