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Member Subscription Opportunities

  • Included with your membership (Bundle A):
  • The Leading Edge in print (for members in Group IV)
  • Online Access Bundle A including TLE, GEOPHYSICS (1936–1999), and expanded abstracts from SEG Technical Program and other meetings

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Bundle B includes Bundle A plus The Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics (JEEG): US$25

Bundle C includes Bundle A plus Interpretation: US$45

Bundle D includes Bundle A plus GEOPHYSICS 2000–present: US$50

Bundle E includes Bundle A plus Interpretation and JEEG: US$55

Bundle F includes Bundle A plus GEOPHYSICS and JEEG: US$60

Bundle G includes Bundle A plus GEOPHYSICS, Interpretation, and JEEG: US$85

Print Subscriptions

GEOPHYSICS in print: USA US$299; Rest of World US$359

Interpretation in print: USA US$99, Rest of World US$129