The SEG EVOLVE platform is a mentor-guided, hands-on, experiential learning program that trains multidisciplinary teams of interns and young professionals to build foundational knowledge by integrating technical and commercial data for business decisions. 

SEG EVOLVE Professional is preparing emerging workforce from Internship Company Programs to Young Professionals with less than five years of experience.

The program is modularized to go from subsurface to development of energy.

  • Characterization for any energy need and carbon sequestration for a sustainable environment
  • Skillset transition to new energies

The program is built on a flexible timeline based on company and individual needs.

Typical length of program is 12 weeks based on selected content.

SEG EVOLVE Professional exposes participants to principles of subsurface characterization, business, and communication for successful energy development projects, from the perspective of multidisciplinary teams as encountered in today’s industry.


Who is SEG EVOLVE Professional for?

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Geotechnicians and related disciplines

Company Student Intern Program

SEG EVOLVE Professional welcomes the education of interns projected to start with companies as part of their educational/training program. Companies should contact [email protected] to make arrangements for student initiation, project focus, timeline, milestones, and support.

For more details on SEG EVOLVE Professional, please email [email protected].