Developing the professionals of tomorrow for today’s energy needs and environmental missions.

2024/2025 SEG EVOLVE Carbon Solutions Program application window open is open through 19 May. Apply Now.

SEG EVOLVE is a mentor-guided virtual internship with multidisciplinary teams to build foundational knowledge by integrating technical and commercial data for business decisions, a recipe for career success.

The program includes exploration workflows; subsurface characterization; economics and business management training that can be used in oil & gas exploration; carbon storage projects; and geothermal energy and other applications that require integrating geology, geophysics, petrophysics, engineering, business, and communication skills.

The program emphasizes global solutions for application to the world’s energy needs enabling two branches: Energy Exploration and Carbon Solutions.


“The SEG EVOLVE project was indeed a life changing experience. Through the mentorship provided, my technical and presentation skills have greatly improved. For young professionals out there, I would recommend that you participate in the SEG EVOLVE project because it lays a solid foundation for your Geo career. The skills I learned from this process helped me sell myself (technically and in general) during my recruitment process, helped me secure a job and is still very helpful till date.”

— Juliet Chioma Aralu, Graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette, now a geoscientist at Fugro

What Makes SEG EVOLVE Unique?

  • Industry like environment
  • Fast track of 3 years of industry experience
  • Collaborating behavior & leadership
  • Focusing on business decisions, economics, risk, and communication
  • Creating a mindset of problem-solving & solution delivery
  • Supported by advisors and SME’s experience

What is the Program Timeline?

Energy ExplorationCarbon Solutions
PreworkEarly-Mid August
Kick Off MeetingJanuary (1st week)August (4th week)
Mid Project PresentationMarch (2nd week)November (2nd week)
Final Project PresentationMay (4th week)February (2nd week)
Presentation RefinementJune-JulyFebruary-March
ConferenceIMAGE – August (4th week)CCUS – March (2nd week)

“My journey in the SEG Evolve program started in 2020 as a participant representing King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia. We explored the Eugene Island dataset from the Gulf of Mexico. It was a wonderful time and experience for me to work with professional mentors and learn a lot from them, special thanks to Mr. Allen Bertagne and Mrs. Jenny Thompson. ​

In 2022, the KAUST SEG Evolve team asked me to be their mentor… Because I love this SEG Evolve program, I joined the event again in 2023 as a global associate mentor … In the end, ​I gained a lot from the SEG Evolve program, not only in technical aspects but also in interpersonal relations and networks with senior and young geoscientists.”

— Andika Perbawa, Postdoctoral Researcher, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

What is the Time Commitment for SEG EVOLVE?

SEG EVOLVE is an intensive program, so please do not underestimate the effort that will be required. We have found that dedication of at least 10-30 hours a week as a team through the entire 6-month period are the most successful and benefit the most. Workload will change throughout the program based on the task at hand. Developing a GANTT chart is recommended for success.

Become a 2024 SEG EVOLVE Advisor

SEG seeks advisors to support the SEG EVOLVE teams in a variety of ways, including: dataset expert, subsurface subject matter expert, and other advisors in multiple disciplines such as economics, operations, engineering, subsurface workflow, software, local advisor, and communication advisor. Find out more information on how you can become an advisor by emailing [email protected].

How to Apply for the SEG EVOLVE Program

Applications are accepted via the Grantinterface portal from 2 October through 7 November.

Become an SEG EVOLVE Sponsor

The SEG and the SEG Foundation are seeking additional individual and industry partners to financially support EVOLVE, guide it, and ensure the program continues to succeed. To become a Team Sponsor and make a lasting impact on the next generation of geoscientists, please contact Sarah Hewitt, Managing Director, SEG Foundation, at [email protected].

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SEG kindly thanks the numerous other individual donors, mentors, and volunteers who also contribute to making the EVOLVE program a success!