Support Geoscientists without Borders® (GWB) by contributing your time or services, such as equipment donations or loans, software licenses, training or data, and more.

The GWB program is financially supported by corporate and individual donors. We frequently hear from various organizations and individuals about opportunities to contribute their time or services to support the GWB’s goals. Equipment donations or loans, software licenses, and training or data (either previously acquired or acquired specifically to support the goals of a particular project) are a few examples of such contributions. GWB always appreciates contributions that strengthen the program to accomplish more with its limited budget and has benefitted from such “in-kind” contributions in several completed and current projects.

Examples of Possible Contributions

  • An airborne survey provider who conducts mineral exploration in central Africa, but is willing to deploy their aircraft to a nearby locale, which is in desperate need of fresh, clean water.
  • A geophysical equipment manufacturer or rental firm that is willing to loan equipment to teams that are conducting GWB projects.
  • A retired university professor who will help a third world team prepare a GWB proposal, or assist in translating or editing a proposal for someone whose primary language is not English.

Instructions for Those Creating a Project Proposal

For those creating a project proposal, we encourage you to search through the list below for potential resources that may be of use on your project. If you are interested in a particular listing, complete the form below to get connected with the supplier and begin conversation about the appropriateness of a donation should your project receive funding from GWB. A company’s or individual’s listing on this page does not constitute a guarantee that they will provide the service. Their listing only demonstrates a willingness on their part to discuss the possibility of a donation. Any agreement for a donation and the associated details will be worked out between you and the potential donor. Donations are contingent on your project receiving funding from GWB.

Instructions for Companies and Individuals Interested in Donating Services or Time

For companies and individuals interested in donating services or time to a project: please log in to your SEG account and you will see the “Add New Listing” button appear at the bottom of the form below; click the button to complete your listing and post it to this page. By listing your information on this page, you are only stating that you are willing to discuss the possibility of a donation to a project funded by GWB. Any agreement for a donation and associated details will be worked out between you and the individual(s) creating a project proposal and leading a project funded by GWB.

A Note About Volunteering

In most cases, it would be inappropriate to propose volunteering for field work. This would most likely be a burden on the Principal Investigators (PI)/project manager (responsible for costs of travel, accommodation, insurance and so on). Field personnel are often the least problem a PI has in conducting a successful project.

Donation Listings

Innoseis – Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam
Service Available: Loan of a seismic recording system
Notes: Nodal acquisition system, 5 Hz geophones, long battery life (60 days), including a portable docking station
Contact: Mark Beker

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N/A – Open

Location: Mostly work from home, but my options are open
Service Available: Airborne project planning, evaluation, interpretation
Notes: 43 years of mineral exploration, water, and engineering geophysics. The last 30 years in airborne geophysics mostly as Chief Geophysicist. EM principally, but also magnetic, gamma-ray spectrometery, gravity and gradiometry.
Contact: Greg Hodges

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Consultant – Open

Location: Willing to discuss
Service Available: Time provided
Notes: Can donate time
Contact: Chris Taylor

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If you require further assistance, please contact [email protected].

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