Episode 201: Carbon storage data management done right

Sue Carr and Jess Kozman discuss the complexities and possibilities for managing downhole geophysical data for carbon storage.

In this insightful conversation with host Andrew Geary, Sue and Jess highlight the data types associated with carbon storage and the first step in managing this data. They discuss the challenges in managing well data and clarify common misunderstandings about managing data for carbon storage.

Sue and Jess also break down the importance of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) and the value of the work of the OSDU Forum.

This conversation provides an excellent blueprint for the primary components of any data system focused on carbon storage projects, the key challenges and opportunities, and guidance on getting started with your carbon storage project.

Seismic Soundoff · 201: Carbon storage data management done right


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Sue Carr is a Senior Data Management professional and front-line people leader in the technology domain, with 35-plus years of energy experience. A big-picture thinker, her career has been spent supporting the adoption of Digital Transformation, Data Management, and Data Governance in large organizations. Recognized as a digital innovator, she continuously improves processes by challenging the status quo, creating tangible value aligning people and processes with technology.

Jess Kozman has been a professional data management practitioner since the early 1980s, specializing in digital data for the resource industry. His roles have included exploration geophysics, IT management, and consulting for national and international petroleum and minerals organizations, government agencies, and service providers. Jess maintains professional qualifications in earth sciences, data quality, and project management. He is currently based in Perth and collaborates on digital transformation in the energy and resource sector.

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