Uncovering hidden water resources to save lives: A tale of two villages

This current GWB project is located at Angwan Fulani and Angwan Rimi, two villages in Sabon-Gari Local Government Area in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria.

These two villages (each with a population of approx. 20,000) suffer from extreme water scarcity, especially during the dry season. Community members reported that they spent numerous hours daily sourcing unsafe water for domestic use. This takes their time away from education and economic activities. They also fall sick frequently. Children and women bear the main responsibility of sourcing water with little or no time for other meaningful activities, like working toward contributing to a family’s income or receiving an education.

Nigerian geophysicists unravelling spools of cord to measure underground water potential and water supply in some rural villages in Nigeria

The main aim of this project is to locate a source for clean, safe, and accessible water for the two targeted village communities by integrating geophysical, geoscientific, and engineering techniques.

A team of geophysicists, geologists, engineers, and students led by the PI Joseph Osumeje, investigated groundwater resources at these two villages, which are negatively impacted adversely by water scarcity.

In Angwan Fulani village, the project team surveyed and used Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES), to map the subsurface and identify potential groundwater sources and then drill to access ground water for domestic use.

Upon confirming the existence of an underground reservoir, the project team collected water samples to analyze quality for potable purpose. Once water was deemed safe, the team improved its quality further by installing a filter for refining and purifying.  The team also helped construct an overhead water tank to benefit 80 families directly with access to safe water.

This effort contributes towards a promising solution to the region’s water scarcity and public health challenges. The success in this endeavor not only brings safe water to Angwan Fulani inhabitants but also emphasizes geosciences application to address environmental challenges and save lives. The team is now continuing its work at Agwan Rimmi.

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