SEG Strategic Options (SO) Task Force Update

The SO Task Force is in place

by SEG President Anna Shaughnessy

Hello SEG Members,

I recently sent a note about establishing an SEG Strategic Options (SO) Task Force. I want to provide an update now that this group is in place and working.

The members of the Task Force are:

  • Ken Tubman – SEG President-Elect, Chair
  • Allen Bertagne
  • Maria Angela Capello
  • Arthur Cheng
  • Pete Cramer
  • Michael Mellen
  • Rick Miller
  • Olga Nedorub
  • Jeffrey Shragge
  • Glenn Wilson
  • Tom Agnew – Staff liaison

The members of the Task Force represent many areas of applied geophysics from both academia and industry. They also represent a range of demographics from early career to seasoned veterans. Each member, in turn, will reach out to their networks for input to ensure we hear SEG members’ views around the globe.

The Task Force is taking a “Decision and Risk Analysis” approach. The first part of the dialogue revolves around defining key choices to be made. For example, are we an industry-focused society or a technical-discipline focused society? What will be our focus areas moving forward? They are articulating a number of these crucial questions. The Task Force will then formulate these choices into strategic options and evaluate them based on the current environment and assumptions about the future.

The Board will be kept informed along the way and have an opportunity to give input. We also invite you, our members, to provide feedback. I encourage you to reach out to the task force at [email protected].


Anna Shaughnessy

SEG President and Chair of the Board