SEG Strategic Options (SO) Task Force Update

Hello SEG members,

Our SEG Strategic Options (SO) Task Force has been hard at work, and I want to apprise you of its progress.

The Task Force has grouped SEG’s strategic options into three categories. They include:

  1. Stay as we are
  2. Merge with SPE/AAPG or another association
  3. Re-invent SEG (multiple options)

The SO Task Force recently presented a progress report of the three above options to the SEG Board of Directors. The Board unanimously agreed that the first option, to continue on our current path, is not one worth further consideration. While we are financially strong in terms of resources, we face challenging trends in terms of membership and revenue. As leaders of this organization, we all agree, it is time for a change. What that change looks like is yet to be determined. The Task Force still has a lot of work to do.

Examples of the important considerations include:

  • Should SEG be a technical society, an industry association, or a blend?
  • Should SEG focus on a single industry or address all applications of geophysics and others?

The next steps for the task force will be to explore the merger options as well as ways to potentially re-invent SEG. They have already started evaluating options based on existing data and future outlook. To be frank, it will never be a clear-cut answer. We will need to use judgment to make the best choices. Fortunately, as exploration geophysicists, we are used to working with incomplete information and making decisions in the face of uncertainty.

We are creating an SEG Strategy web page to share data and other materials used in our strategy sessions. In the meantime, you can review some of the data presented in the most recent Board meeting by clicking here. Our goal is to be transparent in the process and keep an open dialogue with you.

A key component is communications with our stakeholders. Thank you to all who have already provided thoughts and insights to the [email protected] email and other means. I encourage members to continue using that avenue. We will also be reaching out in other ways. It is essential that we understand what our stakeholders want for SEG, now and in the future.


Anna Shaughnessy

SEG President and Chair of the Board