SEG Educational Equity Scholarship Matching Funds

We are excited to inform you about the newly established SEG Educational Equity Scholarship and the current matching opportunity to support our diverse student geoscientists around the world.

The SEG Educational Equity Scholarship provides academic merit-based scholarships to students studying geophysics or a closely related field and who are underrepresented in their area of study or will bring diversity to their attending university. The scholarship intends to promote and increase representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) geoscientists.

A prominent member of SEG has recently made a generous contribution through the SEG Foundation to establish the SEG Educational Equity Scholarship endowment, by providing matching funds for individual donor contributions.

Take Action Today

We hope that you will take advantage of this matching opportunity while it is available by making a gift online to the SEG Educational Equity Scholarship, or by mailing your contribution to the SEG Tulsa Business Office (SEG Foundation: 125 West 15th Street, Suite #100, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 74119-3801).

To learn more about the SEG Scholarship Program, please visit