Calling all Artists to the IMAGE ’23 Art Show

Show off your skills at the largest gathering of geoscientists in the world.

This is an open call to all members of AAPG and SEG, IMAGE volunteers, and participants to submit their visual art, photography, sculpture, textile, film, and ceramics for consideration into the IMAGE Art Show held at the third annual International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy (IMAGE) from 28–31 August 2023 in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Please submit your photos and proposal for consideration to [email protected].

This is a curated exhibition featuring geologic/scientifically themed art and art by geologists/geophysicists/engineers. There is no fee to enter the show, and artists are welcome to sell their art with no commission.

Artists are required to handle their own sales. Artists will be notified at latest two (2) months in advance if they are accepted.


The maximum size and weight of pieces is 36 in. wide x 48 in. long and 15 pounds, respectively. The quality of digital images is 72 dpi, 5 MB max.

You may submit up to five submissions for consideration with a statement about your work, its relevance to the show (150-200 words), and a brief bio (150-200 words).

Please submit your photos and proposal for consideration to [email protected].


Art Load In/Install Artists may personally drop off their work at the George R. Brown Convention Center on Friday, 25 August 2023. Labels will be available for the artist to fill out at drop off.

Shipping artwork Any artwork shipped by an artist to IMAGE is the artist’s responsibility to cover any associated costs incurred such as material handling (drayage). If no return shipping label is provided, the artist will be charged for shipping/handling. Please email IMAGE Art Show Organizer, Alicia Kahn if you need to ship your piece(s).

All work must be ready for installation/ready to hang. All art MUST be ready to hang/install, no exceptions. Submissions to be hung are restricted to a weight limit of no more than 15 pounds. Works cannot exceed 36 in. horizontally. Any sculpture or assemblage that exceeds 10 in. in any direction must be available for floor display only.

All artworks should be installed flat against a wall/panel (the public should NOT see the back of the pieces). All artworks must be ready to hang with appropriate wire — no saw tooth hangers accepted.

If your work requires special installation or instructions, please email Alicia Kahn as soon as possible so that we may make plans to accommodate if possible. No additional tables, bins, easels, panels, or displays are permitted in the exhibit space. Sculptures will be affixed with putty to pedestals.

**The artist is responsible for the removal of artwork and property at the conclusion of the exhibit. ** No artwork or property may be stored at the venue after the conclusion of the exhibit on 31 August 2023. IMAGE and art show organizers will not be held responsible for, and will not store any artwork or property left at the gallery. Any artwork or property left behind will be removed and disposed of in a manner seen fit by Alicia Kahn after 48 hours. For non-local artists shipping work in, your work will be removed by our staff, repackaged in original packaging, and returned to you.

**Neither the George R Brown, IMAGE organizers, nor any of its officers, agents, volunteers, or employees shall be responsible for theft, vandalism, fire, or any other damages or losses to the artwork. ** The Artist understands and agrees that AAPG/SEG/IMAGE makes no representations or warranties regarding the level of security in the selected venues facility or premises. The Artist understands and agrees that AAPG/SEG/IMAGE and its officers, agents, and employees will not be responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged items and that AAPG/SEG/IMAGE does not insure items such as the submitted artwork. The Artist understands and agrees that the gallery encourages the owner of the artwork or the owner’s agent to obtain an insurance policy for the artwork or to obtain a rider on any existing policy for the duration of the exhibit.


28–31 August 2023

Submissions open:
17 April 2023

Submissions close:
30 May 2023

Artist notification of acceptance:
30 June 2023

Art drop off for local artists:
25 August 2023

Art drop off for out of town artists:
26 August 2023