Status: Complete

Gulu District, with a population estimated at over 400,000 people, and a land area of 3,452 km2, is one of seven districts of the Acholiland sub-region of Uganda, which is part of the Northern Region of Uganda. From 1986 until 2009, Gulu District was the epicenter of the violence and mass displacement of an estimated 2 million Acholi persons as a consequence of rebel activity of Joseph Kony and the Lord???s Resistance Army (LRA). Gulu, Kitgum, and Pader Districts were most severely affected with an estimated 90% of the populations being moved to Internally Displaced Persons (idP) camps. As Acholi people have returned to their villages and subsistence livelihoods over the last ten years, they have been faced with numerous challenges, including rebuilding water supplies. The overall goal of this program is to provides improved access to water in Acholiland and in refugee camps in the West Nile, as well as to provides the understanding and means to continue to improve the situation.