Status: Ongoing

Groundwater Recharge and Sustainable Extraction Through Resilient Forest Communities

This project focuses on Sadhana Forest India’s project in Tamil Nadu.

The team is applying Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR), Vanur SS aquifer, and characterizing in high resolution to map the local hydrogeology using geophysical tools, hydrogeological information, and modeling like GemPy, lowPy.

Students (local students and one MSc student each from ETH Zurich and CSIR-NGRI Hyderabad) will compare modeling tools (SimPEG, PyGimli, and Refrapy). The team’s field equipment includes IRIS Syscal pro-72, GSSI SIR 4000, and T-15000 mini Vibroseis and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) using (MALA antennas). Inexpensive sensors and Raspberry Pi boards will aid long-term monitoring.

By employing an interdisciplinary approach to address water stress, the PI and his team aim to improve groundwater quality and availability for the local communities.

Project Partners

ETH Zurich, Sadhana Forest, NGRI-CSIR, Pondicherry University, local water-management government organizations, The State Groundwater Board and State Irrigation Department of Tamil Nadu, Arghyam Association, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and University of Zurich

UNSDGs Addressed

SDG 3 (Health and well being of individuals is a central goal), SDG 6 (Water and sanitation for all) SDG 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) 15 (Life on Land)