Status: Ongoing

Provision of potable water to communities in northeastern Ghana

This project aims toward improving potable water access and supply for the benefit and socio-economic wellbeing of inhabitants based on scientific data and recommendation on sustainable exploitation, development, and management of groundwater resources in the Awka Capital Territory by using Vertical electrical sounding (VES), Electromagnetic (EM), and Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) techniques to interpret geo-electric sections and models to give the subsurface lithology distribution, and provide scientific data that will inform groundwater management policy decision making and improve access to potable water resources by the communities of study area.

Project Partners

University of Ghana, BizGeo and individual experts such as sedimentologist, hydrogeochemist, mechanical engineers and geophysicists

UNSDGs addressed

SDG 4 (Quality Education for all) and SDG6 (Clean water and sanitation for all)