Advanced Seismic Techniques: Concepts & Examples

Robert J. Godfrey

This course consists of 6 modules covering data processing and interpretation techniques used by geoscientists to extract structural, stratigraphic and reservoir properties from seismic data.


Two days

Intended Audience

Intermediate Level

Prerequisites (Knowledge/Experience/Education required)

E&P Professionals, Earth Science degree

Course Outline

We introduce work published in Geophysics, The Leading Edge, and SEG Expanded Abstracts to show current industry focus, e.g.:

  • Auto-focusing to attenuate internal multiples
  • Full waveform inversion to build velocity-depth model
  • Simultaneous acquisition
  • Machine learning
  • Non-seismic monitoring techniques   

Learner Outcomes

  • Construct modern data processing workflows
  • Define petrophysical parameters from elastic attributes
  • Classify pre-stack migration algorithms
  • Discuss machine learning with specific examples   
  • View public datasets using available freeware

Instructor Biography

Robert J. Godfrey