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SEG EVOLVE is a mentor-guided virtual internship with multidisciplinary teams to build foundational knowledge by integrating technical and commercial data for business decisions, a recipe for career success.

The program includes exploration workflows; subsurface characterization; economics and business management training that can be used in oil & gas exploration; carbon storage projects; and geothermal energy and other applications that require integrating geology, geophysics, petrophysics, engineering, business, and communication skills.

The program emphasizes global solutions for application to the world’s energy needs enabling two branches: Subsurface Characterization and Carbon Solutions.

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What makes SEG EVOLVE unique?

  • Industry like environment 
  • Fast track of 3 years of industry experience
  • Collaborating behavior & leadership
  • Focusing on business decisions, economics, risk, and communication
  • Creating a mindset of problem-solving & solution delivery 
  • Supported by advisors and SME’s experience

What is the program timeline?

What is the time commitment for SEG EVOLVE?

SEG EVOLVE is an intensive program, so please do not underestimate the effort that will be required. We have found that dedication of least 10-30 hours a week as a team through the entire 6-month period are the most successful and benefit the most. Workload will change throughout the program based on the task at hand. Developing a GANTT chart is recommended for success.

Become a 2023 SEG EVOLVE Advisor

SEG seeks advisors to support the SEG EVOLVE teams in a variety of ways, including: dataset expert, subsurface subject matter expert, and other advisors in multiple disciplines such as economics, operations, engineering, subsurface workflow, software, local advisor, and communication advisor. Find out more information on how you can become an advisor by emailing [email protected].

Become a 2023 SEG EVOLVE Sponsor

The SEG and the SEG Foundation are seeking additional individual and industry partners to financially support SEG EVOLVE, to ensure a positive and timely impact to the graduating students entering the workforce of today. To become a Team Sponsor and make a lasting impact on the next generation of geoscientists, please contact Katie Burk, director of development, at [email protected].

Company Student Intern Program

SEG EVOLVE welcomes the education of interns projected to start with companies as part of their educational/training program. Companies should contact [email protected] to make arrangements for student initiation, project focus, timeline, milestones, and support.


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Corporate Sponsors

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Thank you to the numerous other individual donors, mentors and volunteers who also contribute to making the EVOLVE program a success!

“The SEG EVOLVE program has broken all stereotypes of what well-rounded explorationist training should look like. This is a multidisciplinary collaboration tool for future oil and gas professionals. It is a first of its kind in the degree of professionalism, technical challenge, real-life situations, noncompetitive learning environment, and peer and mentor support that it offers. I believe that EVOLVE is a rising star among diverse SEG programs. It brings value to both students and employers alike. By offering unique skill-building and recruitment opportunities, EVOLVE has helped give back to the oil and gas community. Simply put, EVOLVE is yet another reason to be involved with SEG.”

Olga Nedorub, Geophysicist at Apache Corporation, SEG EVOLVE Technical Committee chair

“The value of EVOLVE to participating students is immense. They gain exposure to real-world data, top-class mentors, industry-leading software, and critique and direction that no other industry/academia consortium can provide. There is no pressure or competition between teams to worry about, just learning and collaboration with team members and experienced industry consultants just a phone call or email away. This phenomenal learning experience is unmatched in any earth sciences industry program.”

Dean Mento, P.G. Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, IHRDC

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