Preparing students for successful academic and long-term careers in geophysics, SEG’s student and early career programs provide essential tools and resources for educational enhancement, travel, networking, and leadership training. Join our Facebook Group to stay up-to-date on student deadlines and activities.

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Student Programs

Focused on providing students with needed tools for successful careers, SEG hosts and partners with other organizations on special programs, expositions, and symposiums, to turn today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

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Financial Assistance

SEG supports students and emerging professionals with a variety of financial assistance options designed to provide accessibility to programs, events, and career development opportunities.

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SEG Student Chapters

Providing opportunities for leadership, achievement, and cultivation of ideas, SEG Student Chapters open the door for students to actively participate in projects and initiatives that promote the science of geophysics.

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Applications Schedule

All open applications are available at

SEG Field Camp Grant
1 November – 1 February

SEG Scholarships
1 November – 1 March

SEG Near Surface Research Award Grant
1 January – 31 March

SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium Grant
1 January – 31 March

SEG Student Chapter Annual Report
1 January – 31 March

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