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The SEG Women's Network is a community hosted by the SEG Women's Network Committee. Created in 2011, the Women's Network raises awareness of and finds solutions for the challenges women encounter in applied geophysics.

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Our objectives are:

  • Grow a community for mutual support among female SEG members,
  • Encourage more participation and leadership by women in applied geophysics worldwide,
  • Enhance recruiting and retention of women in the profession and mentoring of students and early career professionals, and
  • Elevate awareness of the value of a diverse workforce in the profession. 


As part of the 2017 WNC goals, which resulted in part from member feedback at the SEG Annual Meeting, the Women's Network developed a mentoring portal. That mentoring portal is Mentoring365 and is available to all current SEG members. You can apply to serve as a mentor or be mentored at

Pioneer Women of Geophysics

A series of poster presentations (in PDF format) summarizing the achievements and background of some of geophysics' pioneering women.

Additional Resources

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The Leading EdgeRead about Women in Geophysics in featured articles and the regular "Full Spectrum" column in The Leading Edge.

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SEG Anti-Harassment Policy and Reporting Form

Anti-Harassment Policy (PDF)

Harassment Complaint Form (PDF)

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