Webinar Hosts: Students

Geophysical Inversions with SimPEG: An Example with Airborne Electromagnetic Data

14 February 202411:00 AM (CST) Geophysical inversions are used to build models of the subsurface from data collected over the Earth. SimPEG, an open-source Python package, provides a versatile framework for simulating and inverting a variety of geophysical methods, including: gravity, magnetics, resistivity, induced polarization, magnetotellurics, and controlled source frequency and time domain electromagnetic data. In this tutorial, we delve into SimPEG’s comprehensive framework for setting up and running inversions, covering key components such as

KEGS-SEG Student Symposium

25 September 2023 | 1:00–4:00 p.m. (CDT) Explore the future of geoscience with the KEGS-SEG Student Symposium! This groundbreaking event has been designed with geoscience students like you in mind, providing a unique opportunity to acquire valuable insights into the diverse and dynamic world of mining, mineral exploration, and geophysics. Discover Your Path to SuccessAre you curious about where your geoscience skills and passions can lead you? The KEGS-SEG Student Symposium offers a comprehensive exploration

SEG Student Travel Grants and SEG Student Chapter Excellence Program

In the first part of the webinar, the Chair of the SEG Travel Grant Committee, Tyler Schwenk, shares requirements for students to successfully apply for an SEG Student Travel Grant. SLS and SEP alumni, Deborah Wehner and Mohamed Ragab, show how the participation in these programs has influenced their careers. In the second part of the webinar, the Chair of the SEG Student Chapter Excellence Program Subcommittee, Marko Vanic, and the current President of the

Introduction to CUSP

The SEG Committee on University and Student Programs supports SEG staff in organizing SEG Student Programs, the SEG Student Chapter Excellence Program, the SEG Challenge Bowl, and Geosciences Student Conferences. For the inaugural edition of the CUSP Webinar Series, CUSP Chair Joan Marie Blanco and CUSP Student Co-Chair Aurelian Roeser introduce the committee, its members, and their activities.

The Future of Exploration Geophysics

In the face of low oil prices and the COVD-19 pandemic, the profession of geophysics faces serious changes. Geophysicists have to deal with new challenges and opportunities. What will the future of geophysics look like? Where and how will geophysicists work? What skills do students and emerging professionals need for a successful career? To answer these questions, the SEG Committee on University and Student Programs gathers a group of distinguished speakers who share their experience