SEAM, the research arm of SEG, organizes collaborations among industry, government, and academia to address major industry subsurface challenges. Through numerical modeling and computation, SEAM provides a forum for industry leaders to resolve geophysical problems while advancing subsurface management research and development.

Current Projects

CO2 Sequestration Monitoring Project- proposes using synthetic models to simulate CO2 injection in the subsurface and test the capabilities of methods to track the CO2 plume in the subsurface. 

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SEAM Data License Portal

Our goal is to make benchmark data sets and model licensing available to the public and accelerate advancing the science & technology of geophysics.

SEAM Open Data

Discover the power of geophysics with SEAM Open Data! Leveraging the successes of SEAM Phase I and the Time Lapse Pilot projects, access free small datasets to shape the future of geophysical exploration and discovery. Join us on this journey!


SEAM models and data sets represent the cutting edge in simulated geophysical data, drawing from a co-operative of industry leaders, and representing a range of geographies and subsurface contexts.


“SEAM datasets have become ‘standard’ benchmarks for new applied geophysics algorithms and workflows.”

Dr. Aria Abubakar, Head of Data Science and Advisor, Digital Subsurface Solutions – Schlumberger

“SEAM is unique in its collaboration opportunities to address technical problems at an industrial scale.”

Nancy House, Principal Scientist – Owner, Integrated Geophysical Interpretation, Inc

Advancing Research and Innovation

SEAM Open Data draws from the work of the SEAM Phase I and Time Lapse Pilot projects to make small proprietary data sets available free of charge to the public to advance research and innovation in geophysics.