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In-depth conversations in applied geophysics.

Episode 15: The Story of Geoscientists Without Borders®

This episode explores the inspiration for Geoscientists Without Borders® and the leaders that helped shape the program.

Introduction to Seismic Soundoff

Listen to a brief introduction of SEG’s first podcast – Seismic Soundoff – with highlights from its first twelve episodes. With new episodes monthly, Seismic Soundoff features leaders in industry, emerging research, and the latest from the field of applied geophysics.

Episode 12: Full-waveform inversion

Dr. Michal Malinowski, special section lead editor for Interpretation and Jyoti Behura, special section lead editor for The Leading Edge join Andrew Geary to discuss full-waveform inversion.

Episode 9: Mentoring geoscience leaders

Geoscience leaders Andréa Darrh, Dr. Esther Babcock, and Dr. John Bradford join us to discuss the process and importance of mentoring in their careers and beyond.

Episode 8: Geophysics for non-technical professionals

Norm Hyne, lecturer and past chair of The University of Tulsa Geology and Geophysics Department, explores applied geophysics from a non-technical professional’s perspective.

Episode 7: John Bradford – State of the Society

John Bradford, president of SEG, gave his State of the Society Address at the 86th Annual Meeting in Dallas in October 2016.


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