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Episode 195: Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals with food

Sara Gentilini, founder of GEOfood, discusses how her organization supports the sustainable development of local communities and helps increase achievement towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sara shares the history and purpose of UNESCO Global Geoparks and how she came up with GEOfood. She shares her unique definition of sustainable development and outlines her five sustainable food and agriculture principles. Sara also discusses how geophysicists can use their skills to impact sustainable food and agriculture. This is a unique topic that might inspire some new lines of thinking for your projects.

Episode 194: Improving integration in machine learning workflows

Felix J. Herrmann discusses his open-access article, “Learned multiphysics inversion with differentiable programming and machine learning.” He shares why the future of the oil and gas industry depends on the democratization of technology design. He provides insights into why modernizing wave-equation inversion frameworks is important to geophysics and shares the implications for the results of his study. This episode provides a glimpse into the future capabilities of machine learning to help provide the path for the next great discoveries in geophysics.

Episode 193: The potency of rock-physics-guided deep neural networks

Fabien Allo highlights his award-winning article, “Characterization of a carbonate geothermal reservoir using rock-physics-guided deep neural networks.” Fabien shares the potential of deep neural networks (DNNs) in integrating seismic data for reservoir characterization. He explains why DNNs have yet to be widely utilized in the energy industry and why utilizing a training set was key to this study. Fabien also details why they did not include any original wells in the final training set and the advantages of neural networks over seismic inversion. This episode is an exciting opportunity to hear directly from an award-winning author on some of today’s most cutting-edge geophysics tools.

Episode 192: Maximizing the value of IMAGE

In conjunction with episode 191, How to unlock the power of networking, these episodes will provide a solid foundation to maximize your value of attending IMAGE ’23.

Episode 191: How to unlock the power of networking

In this conversation with host Andrew Geary, Lia offers tips and best practices to fully utilize networking to further your career and technical skills. She explains why seven follow-ups (or touches) is the magic number, the importance of establishing credibility early, and how to use note-taking to your advantage.

Episode 190: The unique power of combining GPR and FWI

Anja Klotzsche discusses her Near-Surface Global Lecture, “Unlocking the potential of GPR for subsurface characterization by using full-waveform inversion.” Anja describes the recent developments in FWI that have impacted how to apply GPR. She outlines a few of her favorite GPR applications, the impact of AI on GPR, and her lightbulb moment when she realized her method was special. This episode will challenge you to consider GPR in a new way and, in so doing, put FWI in a new perspective as well.

Episode 189: How to apply machine learning to real-world problems

Mathematician Herman Jaramillo discusses his new book, Machine Learning for Science and Engineering Volume One: Fundamentals. As the size and complexity of data soars exponentially, ML has gained prominence in applications in geoscience and related fields. ML-powered technology increasingly rivals or surpasses human performance and fuels a large range of leading-edge research. This conversation explores the hottest topics facing students, scientists, and engineers and provides a solid foundation to understand how to utilize this cutting-edge science in your work.

Episode 188: A reality check on full-wave inversion with Öz Yilmaz

Öz Yilmaz returns to the podcast to highlight his award-winning article, "A reality check on full-wave inversion applied to land seismic data for near-surface modeling." Using his insightful and informative style, Öz provides invaluable information on some of the most important topics facing geophysicists. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best geophysicists working today.

Episode 187: 11 lessons to succeed as a geoscientist

Seismic Soundoff has featured some of the most well-known geoscientists, authors, and teachers for the past seven years. And since episode 72, host Andrew Geary has asked his guests, "What is one piece of advice you would offer someone that would like to succeed in this field?" To help collect some of this wisdom into one episode, we're excited to present an updated episode for some of our favorite answers to this closing question.

Episode 186: The role of critical minerals in future-proofing

Critical mineral exploration will play a key role in human development and progress. Dr. Alan Jones defines critical minerals and how and why each country defines them differently. He explains why the public has a dim view of mining and elaborates on the valuable role of copper in utilizing electric vehicles. Alan also makes a case for why we must inspire young minds with the possibilities of critical minerals exploration. Do you want to be part of the future of humanity? This is the question at the center of this can't miss episode.


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