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Episode 102: Geophysics at the Ends of the Earth

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Les Denham on his new book, Blizzards and Broken Grousers: A Year of Antarctic Glaciology. Detailing one year of Antarctic field operations in 1970–71 acquiring ice thickness data with radar, gravity, and magnetometer measurements, this book depicts the pioneering spirit of geophysics in the time when field operations spanned the globe. Moreover, the data collected now underpin models of ice behavior used to assess climate change. Les

Episode 101: Why geophysics matters for geothermal

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Dr. Whitney Trainor-Guitton on geothermal energy, the featured special section in December’s The Leading Edge. This episode is a great start to 2021 with a deep look at geothermal energy. Whitney provides a great primer on geothermal energy, explores the role of induced seismicity and full-waveform inversion within geothermal, and explains why managers should always use the value of information metric when making decisions. Whitney brings a

Episode 100: Top 10 tips for a successful career

Since episode 72, host Andrew Geary has been asking his guests one question – “What is one piece of advice you would offer someone that would like to succeed in this field?” To celebrate 100 episodes of Seismic Soundoff, Andrew has selected the top 10 responses. Seismic Soundoff · 100: Top 10 tips for a successful career In reviewing the responses, common themes repeated throughout. These themes included keeping an open mind and staying flexible.

Episode 99: Unlock your interpretations with diverse datasets

Dr. Lucy MacGregor highlights her 2021 Distinguished Lecturer talk, “Multi-physics analysis: extracting the most from diverse datasets.” In this incisive conversation, Lucy shows how combining datasets can compensate for weaknesses in each, how utilizing gravity data improves the seismic image, the biggest obstacle in utilizing datasets, and more. This episode will get you excited to start working with multiple datasets to improve your results. Seismic Soundoff · 99: Unlock your interpretations with diverse datasets  

Episode 97: How to start 2021 successfully

Andrea Crook, President of OptiSeis Solutions Ltd., joins the podcast to discuss how to take full advantage of online learning and continuing education. Andrea shares the learning resources supporting her professional development, the activities she considers essential for all geophysicists, how her company has adjusted during the pandemic, and the future of geophysical software.

Episode 96: Developing a successful career in geophysics today with Anna Shaughnessy

SEG President-Elect Anna Shaughnessy joins the podcast to highlight her 2020 Honorary Lecturer tour, "Developing a successful career in geophysics today."

Episode 95: Cutting edge methods to utilize distributed acoustic sensing

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Ariel Lellouch and Tieyuan Zhu on distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), the featured special section in November's The Leading Edge.

Ariel and Tieyuan highlight new developments in algorithms impacting microseismic, new findings for hydraulic fracturing, and discuss their disagreement for the current rate the geophysics industry is adopting and utilizing DAS. This is an exciting conversation on technology that has a wide range of applications for geophysics. Hear the latest in research in 20 minutes!

Episode 94: The case to adjust quicker to machine learning for geophysics

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Mehdi Aharchaou on machine learning and AI, the featured special section in October's The Leading Edge. Mehdi shares his expertise in machine learning and explains why he believes the industry needs to do more to adopt and adjust to the digital revolution. This conversation covers important ground essential for all geophysicists and businesses – do not miss it!

Episode 93: Practical and useful applications for microseismics with Vladimir Grechka

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with author Vladimir Grechka on his latest book, Anisotropy and Microseismics: Theory and Practice. Vladimir highlights why anisotropy and microseismics are a great pairing, how the shift from P-waves to shear waves changed the industry, and reflects on what we will find in seismology books in the next decade.


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