Members in Transition (MiT) offers resources that aim to strengthen professionals’ standing, perspective, and outlook.

Who Members in Transition (MiT) is Intended For:

  • Fresh Graduates – Transitioning from student to professional
  • Out-of-Work Professionals – Actively looking for a new job
  • Retired Professionals – Looking to stay active and connect or be relevant in the community
  • Professionals from Large to Small Corporations – Transitioning to entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Professionals Changing Careers – Diversifying skills and market (digital transformation, humanitarian, stepping out of O&G)

What Members in Transition (MiT) Offers:

  • Professional brand development support
  • Skills mapping and development for industry transitions
  • Job search support

Maria Angela Capello – Past SEG Director-at-Large Invites You to Members in Transition