Regions: South America

Exploring the Ortoire Block, Onshore SE Trinidad

Touchstone Exploration is the operator of the 184 sq km Ortoire Block onshore south eastern Trinidad. The block spans from the villages of Tableland in the west to Pierreville Mayaro in the east and to the very remote areas within the Guayaguayare forest to the south. Structurally the block covers the greater part of the open east facing Ortoire Syncline, which entails Late Miocene Lower Cruse to Pleistocene Mayaro Fm deltaic fill. These passive fordeep

Members in Transition, the new SEG program

Through the Members in Transition (MiT) program, SEG provides support to its members who are in the inbetween stages of their careers. A member in transition is a professional in geophysics who is looking for a new job or a change in her type of work. MiT aims to support recent graduates who are looking for their first job, those who have left the corporate work environment voluntarily or forcibly, to seek other opportunities, or