Regions: Middle East and North Africa

Advances in Quantitative Interpretation

15–17 May 2023Muscat, Oman Quantitative seismic interpretation (QI) plays a key role in geoscience within exploration, appraisal, and field development phases. Although QI workflows are of a common practice, many challenges remain to be tackled, as successful application of these techniques highly depend on the quality of input data and integration between different disciplines from seismic acquisition to dynamic modelling. This workshop aims to discuss state-of-the art QI workflows, case studies, and recent advances. Special

The Old and New of Seismic Fluid Indicators: Overview and Application

The use of seismic amplitude for fluid detection dates back to the 1960s where Mike Forrest observed the first bright spot associated with gas in seismic data. With the improved understanding of fluid effect on seismic amplitude, fluid detection using seismic data has taken further steps. Subsequently, by the 1970s and early 1980s, a number of published papers proposed explanations for the amplitude expressions related to fluid. The papers also documented the occurrence of these