The Leading Edge is a key benefit of SEG membership, available online to all members and in print to nonstudent members in World Bank IV group countries. 

The Leading Edge features both technical and nontechnical articles with peer-review of technical articles overseen by members of a volunteer editorial board.

TLE Editorial Board

TLE Staff

Jennifer Cobb
Managing Director, Publications and Membership

Jeno Mavzer
Director, Journals

Steve Brown
Managing Editor, TLE
Contact: [email protected] | 918-497-5503

Maria Gee
Graphic Designer
Contact: [email protected] | 918-497-4625

Kathy Gamble
Advertising Sales Representative
Contact: [email protected] | 918-497-5524

Kelsy Taylor
Associate Editor, TLE
Contact: [email protected] | 918-497-5513

Sarah Weathers
Publishing Platform Manager

Stacy Baker
Publishing Platform Analyst