Near-surface committees include the executive committee and the hydrogeophysics subcommittee.

SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section Executive Committee

The executive committee comprises the elected and appointed leadership responsible for the strategic vision and plan as well as the organization of the SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section.

Current Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section Leadership

Near-Surface Hydrogeophysics Subcommittee

The Hydrogeophysics Subcommittee of the Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists is interested in advancing hydrogeophysics and determining and focusing on addressing the key practical technical challenges facing groundwater geophysics, groundwater systems characterization, and key groundwater sustainability problems globally. The goal of this subcommittee is to have a balanced committee of groundwater practitioners, researchers, hydrogeologists, engineers and perhaps engage other across-societies with a hydrogeophysics focus. This subcommittee is open to anyone with an interest and is one of a few technical subcommittees established to bring the community together with a focus on technical matters vital to bringing our near-surface geophysics technologies and capabilities more into mainstream practice.

Interested in joining the near-surface hydrogreophysics subcommittee? Email Laurie Whitesell.