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Privacy Overview

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) serves the geoscience community with timely events, helpful information, and networking opportunities, all with the purpose of advancing geophysics today and inspiring geoscientists for tomorrow.

As a valued member of SEG you will receive e-mail and mail notifications. We respect the privacy of all our members and make maintaining the security of your personal information a priority.

To provide service to you, SEG collects certain information, such as, your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other contact, demographic, and billing information. SEG collects this information through a variety of ways, including your Membership application, order forms, and event registrations. This information is collected to allow SEG to plan future programs and services to better serve you and to more efficiently process your transactions.

SEG does not:

  • allow nonmembers to view your personal information, such as an address or phone number
  • share your personal financial information with outside sources
  • sell or rent your e-mail information to outside sources*

SEG does:

  • communicate to you how it uses the information collected
  • give you the opportunity to correct your information online; members and customers also may contact the SEG Membership Department to review or request changes to personal information
  • allow you to manage your e-mail subscription information, including opt-outs

SEG works closely with the leadership of SEG Sections and Associated Societies and with SEG District Representatives to encourage respective constituencies in their relationships with SEG. In doing so, SEG may from time to time share the names of members with the leadership of these entities. In the event that names are transferred, the leadership of SEG Sections and Associated Societies, and SEG District Representatives assume management and all legal liabilities of the disposition of electronic exchanges.

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SEG Transfer of Personal Information Guidelines

It is the expectation of SEG that the recipients of the personal information pertaining to constituencies of SEG Sections and Associated Societies and of SEG District Representatives handle such information responsibly an in a manner that complies with legal and commonly accepted policies and procedures (i.e. the CAN-SPAM Act), including, but not limited to, the following practices (excerpted from the Bureau of Consumer Protection):

  1. Don’t use false or misleading header information. Your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” and routing information – including the originating domain name and email address – must be accurate and identify the person or business who initiated the message.
  2. Email subject lines must accurately reflect the content of the message.
  3. Identify advertising messages as ads.
  4. Your message must include your valid physical postal address. This can be your current street address, a post office box you’ve registered with the U.S. Postal Service, or a private mailbox you’ve registered with a commercial mail receiving agency established under Postal Service regulations.
  5. Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you. Your message must include a clear and conspicuous explanation of how the recipient can opt out of getting email from you in the future.
  6. Honor opt-out requests promptly. Any opt-out mechanism you offer must be able to process opt-out requests for at least 30 days after you send your message. You must honor a recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business days. Once people have told you they don’t want to receive more messages from you, you can’t sell or transfer their email addresses, even in the form of a mailing list.
  7. Monitor what others are doing on your behalf. The law makes clear that even if you hire another company to handle your email marketing, you can’t contract away your legal responsibility to comply with the law. Both the company whose product is promoted in the message and the company that actually sends the message may be held legally responsible.

Be aware that in accepting transfer of personal information from SEG, you take ownership of the opt-out responsibility, should any member elect to remove themselves from that email communication.  Non-compliance with these legal constraints can result in federal and state penalties up to $11,000 per instance of occurrence with any individual.

Contact Information

Collected Member information is used to provide you valuable member services, such as discounts on publications, Annual Meeting discounts, Professional Development discounts, and access to The Leading Edge , as well as catalogs and promotions of publications, meetings, and other products and information of interest to you.

SEG also collects information from customers, both members and nonmembers, who request information or purchase products and services from SEG. This information is collected on an order form, an event registration form, or in another manner. SEG collects contact information (address, phone number, etc.), payment information (an account or credit card number), and other information. This information is used to fulfill orders and to contact the customer as necessary.

The SEG database contains information on members and nonmembers, including authors, exhibitors, advertisers, service providers, for the purpose of conducting official SEG business.

SEG makes information from its membership database available to other members through the online Membership Directory.

Member and non-member basic information (prefix, first name, last name, address, email and customer ID) is available through a search feature in the event registration process. This enables a designated company contact to register multiple employees for an event. The company contact must be appointed by a company and access granted by SEG to utilize this feature. Information provided through this interface will not be displayed in public member/nonmember search results.

Cookie/Tracking Technology

The website may use cookie and tracking technology depending on the features offered. Cookie and tracking technology are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, for tracking the number of visitors to the website, and understanding how visitors use the website. Cookies also can help customize the website for visitors. Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking technology; however, if you previously provided personally identifiable information, cookies may be tied to such information. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.

Financial Transactions

SEG collects payment information (such as a credit-card number) for the purpose of completing transactions. SEG does not disclose credit card or other financial information to any other individual or organization with the exception of a third party financial institution that processes credit-card payments. The third party with whom we conduct business is authorized to use your information only to perform the service for which they are hired.

My Account and My Profile

  • My Account
    Your online account that you use to complete monetary transactions does not save or display credit-card information. Additionally, all consumer transactions, such as book and course purchases, are completed on a secure and encrypted page.
  • Public Profiles

    SEG Members - All SEG members automatically receive a profile, which can display the individual's name, photo, member status, company name, current position, a short bio, contact information (address, phone, fax, email) selected topics of interest, publications and website links, experience, and education. Only SEG members who are signed in will be able to view another SEG member's profile. All SEG members who are not signed in, all registered users who are signed in, and the general public will be able to view only basic information (name, city, country) within the Member Search results. By default, the only information that is automatically populated in an SEG profile will be member name, member status, business address, business phone, business  fax, and primary e-mail. Company name and current position is displayed from the primary address on record. It will be automatically displayed by default if the primary address on file is the business address; otherwise it will not be displayed until added by the individual to his or her selected primary address. About Me, Topics of Interests, and Experience will remain blank unless populated by the member. Education is populated from the membership application and will remain blank unless selected for display in the user's privacy settings.

  • Privacy Settings for Public Profiles
    SEG Members can select to hide or display their entire profile, or only select individual fields to display such as education, phone, fax, e-mail, and addresses via My Account > My Privacy, which is available upon successful sign in.

The SEG Wiki

The SEG Wiki content is collaboratively developed by SEG Members using the MediaWiki software. The content of the SEG Wiki is available to browse by anyone with Internet access. Only SEG Members who are signed in may contribute to its content.

SEG Members who contribute to the wiki create a published page and a public record of every word added, subtracted, or changed. Contributors are identified publicly by their SEG user names as the authors of such changes. All contributions made to an entry and all publicly available information about those contributions may be freely copied, quoted, reused, and adapted by third parties under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and additional terms specified by SEG. Submission of any content to the SEG Wiki implies that contributors agree to the terms of this license and additional terms specified by SEG.

All contributions to a page are generally retained forever. Removing text from a page does not permanently delete it, and anyone may view a previous version of a page using the "Recent Changes" menu. Administrators will remove contributions that are found to violate copyright or are otherwise legally impermissible.

All wiki pages include an additional page for discussion. Privacy expectations apply to discussion pages in the same way they do elsewhere within the SEG Wiki.

SEG has instituted a panel of volunteer SEG Member moderators who have permissions to "roll back" content to any previous version. Edits made to Wiki entries are published immediately to the public. Moderators receive a notification of all edits. They review the edited content and either mark it as patrolled or roll back to the previous version. Reasons for rolling back a contribution will be included by the moderator on the discussion page for the content.

It is incumbent upon all SEG members choosing to edit Wiki entries to represent the Society properly with well-written, concise, and factual information.

Additional information

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted to our website. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us an e-mail .

* Mailing list rental

Mailing addresses of Society members may be rented on a case-by-case basis by an outside organization. Member e-mail addresses are not included in these case-by-case rentals. SEG Annual Meeting attendee e-mail information will be available to SEG Annual Meeting vendors (more information is available on the Annual Meeting Registration form). The SEG business office will review the material to ensure appropriateness before mailing. Members can opt out of such mailings on their dues statements or in the demographics section of their membership card. Please send us an e-mail to obtain further information.

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