Episode 68: The Future of Data Acquisition and Seismic Surveys

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Igor Kvasov, engineering manager at Google and co-founder of SeismoTrack, joins host Andrew Geary to discuss his new book, Numerical Modeling of Seismic Responses from Fractured Reservoirs by the Grid-characteristic Method. Igor and Andrew discuss just what is the grid-characteristic method and its advantages, the future of data acquisition and seismic surveys, why numerical modeling should be used more in survey planning, and Igor’s challenge to the geoscience community on numerical modeling.

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Igor Kvasov graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Russia, in 2008 (physics and applied mathematics). Having successfully completed his thesis on numerical simulation of wave processes in heterogeneous solid elastic bodies, Kvasov received his Ph.D. in physics and computer science from MIPT in 2011. During 2006–2015, he served as an associate professor at the MIPT Computer Science and Computational Mathematics Department. Currently, he works as an engineering manager at Google in California.

As part of his research in the numerical simulation of wave processes, Kvasov has made significant improvements in and broadened the abilities of the grid-characteristic method (GCM), including the ability to handle hundreds of thousands of fractures, which corresponds to the conditions of real fractured reservoirs, and the ability to model such 3D fractured prospects using unstructured grids. His research on the properties of seismic responses from fractured reservoirs helps solve the problem of their direct detection.


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