Episode 48: Innovative approaches to old challenges – three case studies in Conventionals

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Shauna Oppert, guest editor for January’s The Leading Edge. January’s special section highlights three case studies focusing on conventional systems. These case studies take place in three different regions of the world, with each challenge tackled using innovative approaches to reservoir characterization in complex geologic regions.

Shauna showcases how these papers provide insight into designing custom approaches with new technologies to address the geologic parameters challenging reservoir characterization in both new and mature oil and gas fields.

Interviewee biography

Shauna Oppert is a Research Geophysicist at Chevron. She works in time-lapse geophysics, including integration of rock physics and rock mechanics principles and measurements, assessment and evaluation of seismic data for 4D reservoir monitoring, and development of new tools for prediction and evaluation of 4D seismic responses. She also serves as the chair of the Technical Committee of SEAM Life of Field.

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Interview: Shauna Oppert

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