Episode 46: How science can protect infrastructure and homes

In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Priyank Jaiswal, Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Jaiswal discusses the recent SEG near-surface event, Forum on Infrastructure, and how geophysics can play a role in this critical area. Andrew and Dr. Jaiswal discuss the potential threats to infrastructure from low-level earthquakes, how citizens and public officials can monitor and address the impact, and how geophysicists can contribute to the safety of infrastructure.

About the Forum on Infrastructure

Resiliency of infrastructure and specifically critical lifeline infrastructure to high-level seismicity (large earthquakes) are often an integral part of design, construction, and execution. Today, however, infrastructure in many parts of the country, particularly the Central USA, face threat from low-level seismicity which, due to their recurrence pattern, appear to be impacting structures in complex ways that cannot be readily explained. Damages are real and the need to monitor infrastructure health is real. Geophysical methods can help in monitoring both above and below the ground. This forum explored symbiosis between geophysics and design and maintenance of lifelines.

About the SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section

SEG seeks to advance and promote the rigorous science, technology, and professional practice of applied near-surface geophysics.


Priyank Jaiswal is an Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University. His research interests include petroleum systems, gas hydrates, rock physics, near-surface, and poroelasticity. He holds a B.S. from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and M.S. and PhD degrees from Rice University.


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Interview: Priyank Jaiswal
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