Episode 43: SEG Annual Meeting 2018 preview

In this episode, host Andrew Geary previews the 2018 International Exposition and 88th Annual Meeting. SEG 2018 in Anaheim, California will feature robust, cutting-edge education programming including 151 Technical Program sessions, 13 Continuing Education courses, 3 Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section Panel Discussions, 22 Postconvention Workshops, and much more.

Andrew first speaks with the Technical Program Chair, David Alumbaugh and the Co-Chair Dimitri Bevc. He then speaks with Sarah Morton Rupert, member of the SEG Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section executive committee. 

He then highlights a new program for this year – the Business of Applied Geophysics – with organizers Bill Abriel, Mike Loudin, and Sergio Chávez-Pérez. The preview concludes with conversations with the SEG Director of Global Events Operations, Rhianna Collier, and the SEG Executive Director Dorsey Morrow.

There are too many amazing events to feature in this episode. Please visit the Annual Meeting events page to review the full schedule and plan your week.


Content note

The One-on-One Partnering Program will no longer take place. Please visit the Annual Meeting schedule and download the SEG Events app for the most up to date information.

Episode highlights

  • 1:24 – David Alumbaugh & Dimitri Bevc
  • 6:32 – Sarah Morton Rupert
  • 12:06 – Bill Abriel, Mike Loudin, & Sergio Chávez-Pérez
  • 18:32 – Rhianna Collier
  • 22:00 – Dorsey Morrow


  • David Alumbaugh
  • Dimitri Bevc
  • Sarah Morton Rupert
  • Bill Abriel
  • Mike Loudin
  • Sergio Chávez-Pérez
  • Rhianna Collier
  • Dorsey Morrow


Original music by Zach Bridges. 

This episode was hosted, edited, and produced by Andrew Geary. Special thanks to the SEG podcast team: Jennifer Crockett, Ally McGinnis, Theresa Reichard, and Mick Swiney. 

A special thanks to all the people that made time to speak with me for this episode.

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