Episode 34: Geophysics In Focus – Latin America

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In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Paul Cunningham and Sergio Chávez-Pérez on the April 2018 issue of The Leading Edge. The issue features a special section on geophysics in Latin America. 

Paul Cunningham is co-founder and managing partner of Amigos Energy Advisors LLC, an E&P consulting venture. With more than 30 years of experience in the E&P industry, he has been a member of SEG since 1983 and serves as a Director at Large on the SEG Board of Directors.

Sergio Chávez-Pérez works as a research geophysicist at the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP). He also serves as an associate editor of Geophysics; a reviewer for Interpretation; and a Team Leader on the SEG Wiki Spanish translation project of Robert Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary

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Interviews: Paul Cunningham, Sergio Chávez-Pérez

Thank you to Steve Brown, Managing Editor of TLE, for his assistance.

This show was produced by Isaac Farley and hosted, edited, and produced by Andrew Geary.

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