Episode: 31: Induced seismicity: investigations into human-induced earthquakes

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In this episode, host Andrew Geary speaks with Mirko van der Baan, guest editor of the February 2018 issue of The Leading Edge, on induced seismicity. 

Induced seismicity, or human-induced earthquakes, is an important discussion that impacts local communities from Oklahoma to Alberta to the Netherlands. We highlight a few of the papers from the special section, including a quick primer on induced seismicity.

Dr. van der Baan is a professor at the University of Alberta and director of the Microseismic Industry Consortium, a collaborative venture with the University of Calgary, dedicated to research in microseismicity. He also recently completed an SEG Honorary Lecture tour of the United States and Canada on the subject of human-induced seismicity. 

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Did one of the five lessons Karimi et al. offered from their experience in Western Canada stand out to you?


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Interview: Mirko van der Baan

Thank you to Steve Brown, Managing Editor of TLE, for his assistance.

This show was produced by Isaac Farley and hosted, edited, and produced by Andrew Geary.

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