Episode 24: Vladimir Grechka and Werner M. Heigl – Microseismic Monitoring

Permalink: https://doi.org/10.1190/seismic-soundoff-episode24

In this episode, Dr. Vladimir Grechka and Dr. Werner M. Heigl discuss their new book, Microseismic MonitoringBy analyzing approaches to harvesting data from unconventional reservoirs, Microseismic Monitoring demonstrates the accuracy of the velocity model as the critical ingredient for obtaining precise source locations and interpretable moment tensors, and shows that the ray theory provides the only practical means available today for building such models.

Vladimir has his M.S. in geophysical exploration and a Ph.D. in geophysics. He has worked as a research scientist, an associate research professor, and for major oil and gas companies. Since 2012, he is a senior technical consultant at Marathon Oil Company, focusing on reservoir characterization with seismic, microseismic, and borehole data. He received the J. Clarence Karcher Award (1997) and the Best Paper in The Leading Edge Award (2013), both from SEG. 

Werner received his Ph.D. in geophysics in 2011 and has a long history working in the field. He joined Apache’s E&P Technology group in 2006 as a senior geophysicist. Since 2008, Werner has been involved in designing, recording, and processing of nearly all microseismic data sets acquired by Apache. In 2011, he launched the Microseismic Special Interest Group in Houston, now managed by the Geophysical Society of Houston.  

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