Episode 226: Rock Physics in Focus – Historical Impact & Future Challenges

“The energy transition has opened many new areas, many new doors, and rock physics is really at the center of that.”

Dr. Laurent Louis highlights rock physics in May’s The Leading Edge.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How rock physics has improved the field of geophysics
  • The accuracy and applicability of Asaka’s rock physics model
  • Discovering inaccuracies in Gassmann’s equation
  • The development of modern digital tools for the field of rock physics
  • Why rock physics can address the challenges of the energy transition
Seismic Soundoff · 226: Rock Physics in Focus – Historical Impact & Future Challenges

In this conversation with host Andrew Geary, Laurent Louis delves into rock physics’ transformative impact on geophysics. He explores the development of effective medium models, the challenges of modeling anisotropy and integrating modern digital tools in rock physics. 

Laurent emphasizes the need for new models to address the energy transition and the importance of collaboration in integrating various technologies. He also highlights the practical challenges and future directions for rock physics, urging listeners to embrace doubt and pursue discovery.

Take advantage of this deep dive into the latest trends in rock physics, its historical challenges, and why now is the perfect time to focus on rock physics.

Laurent Louis is a geological consultant at Aramco Research Center. He holds a PhD in rock physics from CY Cergy Paris Université.

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