Episode 221: The Untapped Potential of Non-Seismic Methods (Irina Filina, April 2024 TLE)

“Non-unique does not equal non-valuable when it comes to geophysical solutions.”

Dr. Irina Filina discusses April’s special section on gravity, electrical, and magnetic methods in The Leading Edge.


  • A deep dive into common non-seismic geophysical methods and their underutilization
  • The role of magnetics, gravity, and other methods in complementing seismic data
  • Case studies showcasing the cost-effectiveness and added value of non-seismic surveys
  • The significance of terminology and communication in the geophysical community
  • How non-seismic methods can address the challenges of the energy transition
  • The importance of curiosity and integrated teaching methods in geoscience education
  • Opportunities for professionals to expand their knowledge in non-seismic geophysics
Seismic Soundoff · 221: The Untapped Potential of Non-Seismic Methods (Irina Filina)

In a fun and enlightening conversation with host Andrew Geary, this episode delves into the often overlooked but immensely powerful non-seismic geophysical methods. As we unpack April’s special section of The Leading Edge, which focuses on gravity, electrical, and magnetic methods, we discover the untapped potential of these techniques in exploring what lies beneath the Earth’s surface.

Dr. Irina Filina unravels the misconceptions about non-seismic methods, particularly magnetics and gravity, and advocates for their proper use and integration with seismic data. With compelling examples, including a case study from the Gulf of Mexico and a cost-effective survey in the challenging terrains of Antarctica, this episode illustrates how these methods can significantly reduce uncertainty and costs in subsurface exploration.

Irina also emphasizes the need for innovative teaching approaches to inspire the next generation of geoscientists to embrace the full spectrum of geophysical tools. This episode is a call to curiosity, urging the geophysical community to broaden their toolkit and approach Earth exploration with an integrative mindset.

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Dr. Irina Filina is a Geophysics Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska’s Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department. She also leads the UNL Geophysics Research Group. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2007 with a PhD in Geophysics. She worked in the petroleum industry for eight years before joining the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 2016.

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