Episode 217: Advancing Subsurface Knowledge Through Microseismic Insights (Joël Le Calvez)

“The value is not in the measurement per se. It is in the ability to integrate this measurement with everything else that we have access to.”

Dr. Joël Le Calvez discusses January’s special section in The Leading Edge on microseismic monitoring.

Joël shares how recent technological advancements and pressing societal concerns, like climate change and sustainability, are pushing microseismic monitoring to the forefront of geophysical research.

This conversation explores the complexities of integrating microseismic data with other geophysical and geologic information. Joël discusses the intricacies and challenges of detecting microseismic activity and how monitoring these events is critical for ensuring the safe operation of projects like carbon capture and storage and geothermal energy production.

Listeners will gain insights into the role of survey design in managing data volume and the importance of communication between scientists and management and among scientists themselves. This episode will help you reflect on the next frontier in microseismic monitoring and how it will shape our understanding of the subsurface.

Seismic Soundoff · 217: Advancing Subsurface Knowledge Through Microseismic Insights (Joël Le Calvez)


  • The rising importance of microseismic monitoring in the context of climate change and sustainability
  • The technical hurdles of detecting small-scale seismic events and the environmental factors influencing them
  • The synergy of microseismic data with other geophysical and geological data sets
  • The promise of machine learning in predicting and processing microseismic events
  • The challenges of real-time passive monitoring using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)
  • The value of cross-disciplinary communication and the potential for future applications of microseismic technology

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Guest Bio

Joël Le Calvez is the Principal Geologist at Schlumberger. He actively participates in the development of the processing, visualization, and interpretation software Schlumberger currently uses in relation to the monitoring of induced microseismicity coupled to hydraulic fracture treatment and other applications (e.g., CO2 sequestration, geothermal injection, etc.) using downhole, shallow wellbores and surface arrays. Before joining Schlumberger, Joël worked for the Bureau of Economic Geology at the Applied Geodynamics Laboratory and Etudes et Recherches Géotechniques. Joël was awarded a PhD in salt tectonics, a MSc in geosciences, and a BSc in physics.

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