Episode 207: Advancing Geosciences – How SEG Foundation Makes a Difference

In this intriguing conversation, David Bartel, the Chair of the SEG Foundation, provides an exclusive insight into how the nonprofit organization is advancing geophysics research, supporting SEG members, and positively impacting society. 

David highlights the key programs funded by the Foundation, such as scholarships, field camps, Geoscientists without Borders, and more. He also shares some inspiring stories of students whose lives have been transformed by the Foundation’s programs, emphasizing the significance of donations.

He also clarifies the relationship between the SEG and its Foundation, dispels myths, and explains the significant impact of providing unrestricted annual fund gifts. By the end of the talk, listeners will better understand the SEG Foundation’s crucial role in the geosciences community.

Seismic Soundoff · 207: Advancing Geosciences – How SEG Foundation Makes a Difference

Episode Chapters

  • (01:32) The programs the SEG Foundation supports
  • (09:51) The power of unrestricted donations 
  • (11:21) Understanding the Trustee Associate Program
  • (12:26) How David’s focus on learning has shaped his journey

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Guest Bio

David Bartel received his degrees in geophysics from the University of Utah (BS, MS) and a PhD in engineering geoscience from the University of California at Berkeley. He had a 32-year career with Chevron in mining, petroleum, technical geophysics, and exploration research, retiring in 2020. David has been a member of SEG since 1979 and has volunteered as a GEOPHYSICS Associate Editor and on three Annual Meeting Technical Committees. Since 2015, David has been a director of the SEG Foundation, becoming Chair in 2023.

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