Episode 204: Successfully navigating the energy transition

Oil and gas companies have an enormous role in transitioning to a renewable future.

This episode examines how Ipieca partners with companies and organizations to support a sustainable future through emissions reduction, nature conservation, and stakeholder engagement.

Ipieca is the global oil and gas association for advancing environmental and social performance across the energy transition.

In this episode:

  • Discover how Ipieca sets sustainability principles for members around climate, nature, and social impacts. 
  • Hear why sustainability reporting allows companies to communicate their commitments to stakeholders and demonstrate progress.
  • Gain insights into how transparency and stakeholder engagement will shape the future of oil and gas companies.
Seismic Soundoff · 204: Successfully navigating the energy transition

Takeway Ideas

  • Ipieca is a global oil and gas industry association formed at the request of the UN Environment Programme to be a channel of communication between the industry and the UN.
  • Ipieca aims to help companies produce energy with low emissions, respect nature, care for communities, and embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Sustainability reporting helps companies communicate their role in the energy transition and provides transparency on non-financial performance.

Episode Chapters

  • (01:26) Ipieca is a global oil and gas industry association
  • (05:46) Sustainability reports provide transparency on a company’s non-financial performance
  • (07:08) Do you think there is a financial incentive for companies to produce sustainability reports?
  • (08:23) Why do you believe sustainability reporting is important for the future of the oil and gas industry?
  • (11:34) Starting a discussion on sustainability reports in your company
  • (13:53) Common misconceptions about sustainability reporting
  • (15:14) Ipieca focuses on climate, nature, people, and sustainability
  • (16:12) One takeaway from this episode

Episode References

Guest Bio

Isabel Miranda is the Director of Sustainability and Social Performance at Ipieca. Her responsibilities include managing the following groups: Social Responsibility, Human Rights, Supply Chain, Sustainable Development Goals, Reporting, and Health.

Isabel is an external affairs professional with over 20 years of experience across different industries, particularly in the oil and gas sector. Her main areas of expertise include government relations, social risk mitigation, and developing strategies to engage with external stakeholders.

Before Ipieca, Isabel held various senior roles in multinational organizations, including BP, ExxonMobil, and Petrofac. Isabel has also worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Mexican Government. She is a Board Member of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in the UK and a member of Chatham House and the LSE Alumni Society. She holds a Master’s in Political Economy and International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Episode Keywords

Sustainability, Oil And Gas, Energy Transition, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Emissions Reduction, Nature Conservation, Community Engagement, UN Partnerships, Sustainability Reporting, ESG disclosure, Stakeholder Engagement, Non-Financial Reporting, Peer Learning, Best Practices, GHG Emissions, Biodiversity, Human Rights, Ipieca Principles, SDGs

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