Episode 196: The sound of seismic

Paolo Dell’Aversana highlights his article in The Leading Edge, discussing a dual-sensory approach to understanding seismic.

In a first for this podcast, host Andrew Geary and Paolo discuss music’s role in interpreting seismic. Based on concepts well-established in cognitive sciences, Paolo introduces the idea of expanded imaging in geophysics, using a dual-sensory (audiovisual) perception of a data set. In this episode, Paolo explains the basic principles of multimodal seismic data analysis using augmented imaging theory. He then provides examples and applications on real data at varying spatial scales, from individual seismic traces to entire seismic sections.  

Paolo shares the advantages and limitations of converting seismic data into an auditory format and outlines how geophysicists can start with this approach today. This episode unlocks secret information hiding in your seismic data waiting to be discovered.

Seismic Soundoff · 196: The sound of seismic

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Paolo Dell’Aversana graduated in Geological Sciences (1988) and Physics (1996). He has 35 years of experience in various areas of the Earth disciplines, including geology, volcanology, and exploration geophysics.

Furthermore, he is a musician and a recognized expert in sound engineering and audio signal processing. He works in Eni S.p.A. as a senior geophysicist, data scientist, and project manager for developing innovative geophysical technologies and machine learning methods. He is the author of various patents and has published over one hundred specialist articles and several books.

He has received international awards, including the prestigious Eni Award from the President of the Italian Republic, as recognition for innovation.

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