Episode 195: Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals with food

Sara Gentilini, founder of GEOfood, discusses how her organization supports the sustainable development of local communities and helps increase achievement towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

GEOfood is an initiative for communities and environmentally friendly food enterprises in UNESCO Global Geoparks territories. This unique partnership with GEOfood and Global Geoparks enables local traditions and ancient knowledge to be connected with the geological heritage that characterizes each territory.

In this episode with host Andrew Geary, Sara shares the history and purpose of UNESCO Global Geoparks and how she came up with GEOfood. She shares her unique definition of sustainable development and outlines her five sustainable food and agriculture principles. Sara discusses the role of education for her organization and how geophysicists can use their skills to impact sustainable food and agriculture.

This is a unique topic that might inspire some new lines of thinking for your projects.

Seismic Soundoff · 195: Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals with food

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Sara Gentilini is an archaeologist, historian, and project manager of the Magma UNESCO Geopark (Norway). She is responsible for international networking activities and EU-Nordic-funded projects. She is the inventor of the GEOfood brand for food enterprises within UNESCO Global Geopark’s local communities.

Sara is a Marie Curie Ph.D. candidate at the Earth Department of Turin University, within the new international Programme Teach4Culture. She is studying geodiversity and abiotic ecosystem services in the framework of UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Sara is a member of the UNESCO evaluation team for UNESCO Global Geoparks territories. She has several years of experience as a project manager for international projects related to geological interpretation, education, culture, geo-tourism, and cooperation with local stakeholders, universities, communities, and aspiring geoparks territories.

She is passionate about cultural diversity and creative processes and loves to learn and explore.

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